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How to add downloaded music to Spotify and listen on a mobile device?

Note: Requires Spotify Premium, Computer, and Mobile Device

Part 1: How to Import Local Song Files to Spotify

1. Make sure your audio/song files are in the “Music” or “Downloads” folders of your computer.

2. Using the Spotify desktop app, click the arrow to the right of your account name at the top of the Spotify window. In the drop-down menu, choose "Settings."

3. Scroll down in Settings until you see the “Local Files” section. Click on the slider and it should swipe to the right and turn green. You will now see a “Local Files” option appear on the left under “Your Library”.

Part 2: How To Play Local Files On Your Mobile Device Anywhere

1. Create a new playlist in Spotify and add the songs you want from the “Local Files” folder to the desired playlist. You can do this by right clicking the song and scrolling down to “Add to Playlist” then selecting the name of the playlist.

2. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi network and logged into the same Spotify account as your Laptop/Desktop.

3. In the mobile app, select “Home” and find the gear in the upper right hand corner. Select it and then scroll down to find the “Local Files” section. Click the slider next to it to turn it green and enable it.

4. On the desktop app, go to your playlist with the local files in it and click the slider next to “Downloaded” so that it changes to green. The playlist will now show up with the local files in it on the mobile app (while connected to the same WiFi).

5. To take these files with you, select the download arrow at the top left of the playlist on the mobile device.

You will now be able to take the songs files from your computer with you anywhere you go and they will be conveniently playable in your Spotify app!

Note: If you can not see the songs to download in Part 2: Step 5, you may need to switch off "Hide Unplayable Songs" by going to Settings -> Playback -> Hide Unplayable Songs and clicking the slider to disable it and turn it grey.


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